Are you forgetting to sell?

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Are you forgetting to sell?

You are busy, busy surviving, busy keeping the promises you have made, but are you forgetting to sell? As a startup or growing business a lot of focus and energy goes on delivering the day to day.

If you are fortunate to have customers it is natural to want to deliver for them. Obviously this is a good thing, as keeping them happy will sustain and maintain your business.

So you focus on delivering better. You get very good at delivering and maintaing the status quo. You also get very good at getting busy maintaing the status quo.

But are you happy with the status quo? As an entrepreneur or someone that dreams of owning their own business you want it to grow, be that more users, more customers or bigger deals. I have never met an entrepreneur that hasn’t wanted either more, bigger or better customers.

So what is going on?

Your focus often remains on the current customer base. You add more features or services, you get very good at delivering more for your current customers or delivering more efficiently. It is safe and easier to work for someone that has said yes to you, but because you don’t like the feeling of rejection.

You forget to sell to new customers.

It’s new customers that will grow your business, so winning new customers should be a key activity.

If you are forgetting to sell, here is some advice.

Don’t think that you need to be better to attract new customers. Don’t try to sell all what you could be. What you need to remember is, your first customers bought what you first had. If you don’t have any customers yet, take what you have and talk to the people you original created your product or service for. They will either snap up what you are offering or teach you something useful about you and/or your business.

Now continuous improvement is a good thing, but to a lot of people you are perfect.

Go out and find them.

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