Good is perfect

Good is perfect

Firstly, let me just point out that there is no such thing as perfect. There is perfect in your eyes. There is perfect in my eyes. There is perfect in your customers eyes.

If you wear size ten shoes, your feet aren’t actually size 10. Sometimes they are a bit tight and you’re reliant on the leather stretching after some use. Other times there’s a little extra space around your toes. In those instances size 10 isn’t perfect, it’s good enough.

Good is good enough

Good is good enough because perfect is different for different people. But as someone with dreams for the future unfortunately that perfect dream can cause a present nightmare. If you wait for perfect you will never start, people will never appreciate the good that you have to offer. So believe that good is perfect, believe that good is good enough.

Know what good looks like

What unique value does your product or service offer? Are you delivering the value that you are promising. Your promise to your customer is why they are with you. If your promise is to offer the best free range, organic, grass fed beef burgers in South London, your customers won’t care if it comes in a box or paper. They care that it’s beef, free range, organic, grass fed and in South London.

Tesco beef burgers were perfect for the people that bought them, until they found out that they contained horse-meat.


Delivering on your promise is what good looks like. Do that and tell people you are doing that.

Be bold with good

Your good is good enough, your customers will appreciate it. Don’t waste time and energy on stuff they didn’t ask for or that isn’t in your promise. The view of perfection is held by the customer and comes from what you tell them. They won’t know when the website hasn’t quite got the right font or when mid speech, you miss a sentence.

Offer value and meet your promise. That is perfect.

Tobi Lawal, Founder @tribethink 

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