How to handle rejection as an entrepreneur

How to handle rejection as an entrepreneur

Rejection is hard to take as an entrepreneur, setting up a business and offering part of something you created is a difficult thing in itself. You have put in real work to get as far as you have, be that setting up a website, getting your business cards and in creating your product or service. Whatever you have created and however far you have come, having someone say that is not important or worse — why did you waste your time. Is hard.

It will always be hard, and that is a good thing. It means that you care, it means that you have “skin in the game”. It also means that if you can feel passionate about it, someone else out there can feel passionate about it too.

I have found that handling rejection as a business owner/entrepreur is a preventative and not a reactive thing. Reactive things that we sometimes do involve procrastination, excuses, extended breaks and what I like to call positive distractions — these are the things that are still good to do but are not things that you should be doing. You end up dwelling on the rejection for a time rather than moving on in the best way. The key preventative measure that I have found and seen in entrepreneurs is this. [service title=”PASSSION” icon=”icon: heart” icon_color=”#CD9A65″][/service] I am not talking about being passionate about a thing (be that your product or service/your offering to the world), what I mean is, are you passionate about what that thing can do in someones life. Are you passionate about how your business makes someones life somewhere; better, easier or more enjoyable. Because at the end of the day, people buy people.

If you are passionate about impacting them they will know and care to care about you. It’s these people that will keep you going when others say no.

Do you have any tips on handling rejection?

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