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Having someone to guide and support me has been really helpful. My coach and mentors experience has really helped me to accelerate my business and its growth. We chat once a mouth and even though it’s not much of a commitment, it’s really cool to have someone without bias in your corner.

Sarah Williams
Clothing Startup

Match your skills and experience to a startup

It’s great way to share your knowledge, know that your experience will change someones life

Gain the satisfaction of being able to give back

Pass on what you have learnt about business to someone who will benefit from your experience

  • Tech Companies

    We have some great young people building their own apps and online businesses.

  • Retail Startups

    We have fashion designers and labels, florists and food businesses.

  • B2B Businesses

    Service orientated businesses including landscapers, exhibition venues and clothing manufactures.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much experience do I need to have?

This is a supportive role for now formal qualifications are needed however current coaches and mentors meet at least one of the below descriptions.

  • People who have  started or ran their own businesses
  • People with business experience in middle to senior manager roles
  • MBA and/or post graduate students
  • Professionals/Executives with specialist business skills e.g. HR, Accounting, Marketing e.t.c


What is the commitment?

To be available for just just one meeting or call per month for up to 12 months. If it doesn’t happen it’s not a problem and we will support you both to coordinate your diaries. Meeting can happen wherever and whenever you both choose even over Skype.

Many meetings happen after work hours and over the phone, but it’s important that you both can meet face to if you choose to do so. For that reason you will need to be UK based.

How will we be paired up if I am successful?

We learn firstly about you and what you hope to gain out of the experience. Then we will match your profile with an appropriate Startup to ensure that you will both gain the most out of the experience.


What else is in it for me?

We this isn’t often ask but here is a list of all the extras involved.

  • The opportunity to practice your coaching skills that are essential as modern managers and leaders
  • The chance to inspire and also be inspired by some amazing people going for their dreams
  • You will increase your overall business knowledge by learning from the experience of the startups
  • You will get a Online Tribethink profile showcasing you and your experience
  • We will give you a great Linkedin recommendation as we are genuinely grateful for your support
  • You will join a network of like minded professionals
  • We offer Fellows networking events and socials
  • You will get corporate discounts from our partners (e.g. Web hosting, Office space, Graphic Design services)
  • Fee or discounted copies of soon to launch Books (Tribethink Marketing guide launching Summer 2014)
  • Free or discounted access to future online business skills courses
  • Access to exclusive Tribethink Insights workshops and talks that push the boundaries on contemporary thinking on business
  • Opportunities to build the next generation of entrepreneurs and businesses
  • Inspire and help to motive someone to reach their vision

Inspire a business startup…

Apply to help inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs

We will never share your details

Apply now to become a coach or mentor

If you would like to speak to someone about it, you will do – once you apply we always arrange a call to explore it further.