If you have relevant commercial experience you can become a mentor or coach to a Startup entrepreneur. It is an extremely rewarding experience and you are truly able to inspire someone.

Mentors guide startup entrepreneurs and offer advice.

Coaches help people and businesses develop and refine specific skills such as Sales, Public Speaking and Leadership.

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We also partner with other businesses, consultants and freelancers. Our Associates work on companion projects where we partner up with another business and work with them over a period of time. Associates bring expert knowledge and unique skills to a project, a group of associates can work together on a project. For example you may be a Graphic designer and you work in a team supporting a startup business, you will contribute your graphic design and branding skills and to the team and startup. We are also always looking to add to our Core team – these are people that keep the Tribethink wheels turning, as we run a tight ship people tend to be multi-skilled. Let us know if you’re interested in becoming an Associate or part of Our team using the below form.

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