Social Media and Small Businesses

Social Media and Small Businesses

Social Media and Small Businesses

These days and especially with the advent of social media, small businesses need to learn ways of using as many tools as they can for marketing purposes. Depending on the size of your business, you need to look for ways of integrating the social media tools that you feel will serve your business better. However, before you even think of using these social media tools, you need to determine the goals you intend to achieve. You must develop a social media plan for your business before you proceed to identify the tools that you think will be of great benefit to you.

Does Your Small Business Have a Social Media Policy?

You also need to develop a social media policy for your business. The policy will guide you and everybody you hire or employ to work for you. Some of the most common social media tools to small business include YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. The social media policy that you develop will help you provide some guidance to your employees. The policy has to offer clear guidelines on how you intend to increase your sales and help the business to enjoy a much stronger visibility on the Internet. Using these tools will help you achieve a strong online presence.

Smart Ways to Integrate Social Media Tools in Small Businesses

Learn how to use each of these social media tools to help your business by targeting specific clients. Facebook is always a good first step as it is likely you are already familiar with it from personal use. Create a company page and share it amongst your friends to get likes and raise awareness. You should also remember to regularly post updates as that will encourage further engagement and expand your reach.

LinkedIn is another popular social media site that boasts of hundreds of millions of users. It is different from Facebook in the sense that most of its users are professionals. Your small business can benefit a great deal from LinkedIn by finding ways of creating awareness about the company as well as its products and services among the professionals that flock this site. It provides a perfect platform for you to increase the visibility of your company and products.

On the other hand, Twitter is a perfect tool for your small business. You do not have to wait until you transform your business into a large company to start using Twitter. Learn how to use it to tweet about your products and services. As the public follows you on Twitter, you will keep them updated about any new developments in your business. Twitter and LinkedIn already boast of more than half a billion users between them. More than a billion users are active on Facebook thus giving you the platform that you need to increase brand awareness for your small business.

Learn how to use YouTube, which provides you with the opportunity of using videos to advertise and create awareness about your small business as well as its related products and services. There are times when the video relays your marketing message better than mere texts and words. Google Plus is yet another social media tool that you can use to market your business and ensure that a larger pool of customers learn more about your business and the products as well as services that you have to offer. Use these tools well and see how much your business will grow.

If you would like help setting up your social media and maximising your reach please drop us a line and contact us.


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