The only significant word in business

The only significant word in business

What is your businesses USP (Unique selling point)?

Who is your target market?

These are two questions I’ve even asked businesses owners.

But the terms “USP” and “target market” can put people off. They make it sound like hard work. They communicate that in order for you and your business to be a success you need to be strong in your business knowledge and know all the terminology. If you don’t know the words or you are new to them, then you may not be good enough. Many people already understand the principles of the terms but they don’t know the words due to their environment and/or background. Business language can encourage the resistance for some people and stop things from happening.

So I prefer the word significant.

Who are you significant to?
Why are you significant to them?
How are you significant?
Where are you significant to them?

So ask yourself, what makes you significant?


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