What do you do with someone’s business card?

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What do you do with someone’s business card?

For a new card

Get rid of it

I don’t mean throw it away in the rubbish. I mean turn it into a useful format and take some action. I use Evernote and it conveniently scans cards using my phone or computer camera and digitally saves them. The next step is to follow them on Twitter, connect on LinkedIn and drop an email to have coffee. Just see where it goes.

For Old cards

A bit of a story (please bare with me)

I was going through a bag and a found a folder of what must have been at least 60 business cards belonging to people that I had once had a great conversation with, but where neither of us had followed up.

The first thing I though was – “what a waste of paper”. I then started to think about all of the potential missed opportunities to connect, learn and grow. I had them for a while but didn’t do anything, so now what?

On my first thoughts of getting in touch with them “the resistance” tried to dissuade me. You know that voice in your head that tells you that bad things will happen if you try something new. I started to predict the future and none of the outcomes were positive. And no, I can’t actually predict the future. The same imagined negative outcome that most likely caused me to pack them away in the first place is now causing me to ask unhelpful questions.

  • Was it still ok to reach out to them, some of which I had met 3 years ago!?
  • What will they say if I try to contact them?
  • Do they still even work for the same company?
  • Will they even remember me?
  • What if they think I am an idiot for only just getting in contact?

But this time around I’m going to do something different – I will reach out to each and every one of them and I’ll let you know what happens. Why don’t you try it and share what happens?

At the very least, if they ignore us or aren’t interested in reconnecting we will still be in the exact same position as of when the business card was hidden away. At the very best, we could learn something new, build new friendships and accelerate our careers or businesses.

Let me know how you get on.


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