What’s on your box?

What’s on your box?

Let me throw in this question, when was the last time you bought something because you thought it would add value to you and had you already tried it out? I don’t mean in store demonstrations of the iPad, what I’m talking about is, did you carry it around for a week, prepare presentations on the train to work, browse the internet while watching TV, download a cooking app and stand it up in your kitchen while preparing a meal? It’s most likely that you haven’t, I know for sure I don’t. 
We don’t buy products based on what they have actually done, mostly we buy them based on what we think they will do

How many things have you purchased without even opening the box? It’s only when you get home, unpack, and set up, do you really get to experience what you have paid for.
We buy what is on the box.
When you’re buying a phone, you first look at all the different and/or combined features and assess which is the best one for your needs. The same goes for potential employers, clients and even friends – they look at you, assess your features, and then decide whether they should or should not invest.
Spend some time thinking about what is on the box of your business. How and what are you communicating to influence what people think you will do. But remember, to remain authentic you need to keep the promises you make.
Can you think of any other examples where you have purchased ‘what’s on the box? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Tobi Lawal, Founder @tribethink 

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