Why being different is better than being new

Why being different is better than being new

There is nothing new idea under the sun” is a verse we often hear. The idea that anything you can think of, any new innovation has already been thought of. However, when you are looking for a new business idea, product or service offering most of the time what you are in fact looking for is to be different.

Fashion is an example of this, most new styles were once old styles. At any moment in time to stand out amongst the crowd you just need to be different, that is the reason why old fashion styles come back. 1960s is different from 1980s which is different from 1930s. So we reuse styles when they become so old they become presently different. Not new.

Why is new overrated


How to be new in business – Sinclair C5

  1. Being new is relative to the individual
  2. New does not equal good
  3. New doesn’t always have an audience
  4. New is hard to do

Why different is good


How to be different in business – Original iPod

  1. You can benchmark and build upon something good (Apple and the mp3)
  2. Different can be about the other person (same product different market)
  3. People already understand different

Seth Godin’s book the purple cow explains this in more detail. People know and recognise cows as nothing spectacular – if you were to drive past a field you would just keep on going. But if you saw a purple cow in the mist of all the others, you would stop, stare, take pictures post on Instagram and tell your friends. A Purple cow is not inherently new, it is still as cow, but it is different.

We are often fascinated by things we once thought we understood. Tweet this!

How can you be remarkable not by being new but by being purple, by being different?

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